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5 NON-Government Grants and Services for Military Survivors [Video]

First posted on Memorial Day, this video recognizes the year-long needs of military survivor families by highlighting 5 non-government services, all linked in the description below, plus a bonus list of links which I’ll describe later in this video (NO affiliation. NO paid promotion). ► Send a SuperThanks! Link under video, near the Like button. May have to click the 3 dots … 😉 ► Check out these Grant Chatter videos for more information: (1) Playlist: Grants for Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families, (2) Grants for Veterans, (3) Grants and Benefits for Vietnam Veterans, ► Non-Government Organizations Offering Grants and Services to Military Survivors: (1) TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), (2) Red Cross Financial Assistance for Military Families, (3) Travis Manion Foundation, character-building programs for military/survivor families, (4) Mark Cuban, Fallen Patriot Fund, Address for application form: Fallen Patriot Fund c/o Bank of America Private Bank TX 1-492-19-09 P.O. Box 832409 Dallas, TX 75283-2409 (5) Chase Bank Military Survivor Program, ► BONUS: Government agency links: (1) Military OneSource, part of the DOD, Casualty Assistance for Survivors, (2) VA Survivors Pension, How to Apply, (3) VA Office of Survivors Assistance, (4) Find a VA Office near you, (5) Directory of State Veterans Affairs Offices, ► Grant Chatter on Instagram: https://www.instagram dot com/grantchatter/ ► Grant Chatter on Facebook: https://www.facebook dot com/grant.chatter.5 ► Grant Chatter on Twitter: ►Subscribe to Grant Chatter, to learn how to find grants, write grants, and win them! ►Thank you for watching. ►See you in the next video!

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Donorbox MinistryMatters – Growing Church Giving with Dr. Stan DeKoven [Video]

Looking to help your congregants grow into generous givers?Donorbox MinistryMatters is designed specifically to serve the needs of the church by minimizing obstacles to giving with tools and services that are optimized for both in-person and online offerings – enabling your ministry to thrive!From a robust donation form for your website, to a giving kiosk for your lobby, we make it easier to collect funds from your local congregation, and your donors, learn more! → #Fundraising #Nonprofit #ChurchGiving #ChurchFundraising #Donorbox

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How to get started with Web3 and AI [Video]

Web3 is a new iteration of the Internet incorporating concepts such as decentralisation and blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokenomics, the Metaverse and the Internet of systems, artificial intelligence, and so much more. Web3 presents huge opportunities for charities of all shapes and sizes. All these emerging technologies and new terms can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Our latest webinar will give you the tools and information that you need to kickstart your Web3 journey. Digital marketing expert and Charity Digital Writer Helen Olszowska will share what she’s learned from organisations working in this space. She will use case studies from the sector to show how charities are already working with Web3 and AI, and she’ll offer best practice advice and tips to help you get started.