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Kemp Signs Legislation Designed to Strengthen Georgia’s Workforce [Video]

Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed four bills designed to strengthen and enhance Georgias robust workforce. The legislation includesHB 1435, which provides needs-based financial aid to eligible higher education students who experience a gap in their tuition funding;SB 397, which recognizes all other state approved high school equivalency programs in Georgia and extends a voucher []

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Menendez ordered to turn over personal passport at arraignment [Video]

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), who pleaded not guilty to federal bribery charges Wednesday, must turn over his personal passport as a condition for his release, multiple reports indicated following the senators arraignment in Manhattan. The New Jersey Democrat will be allowed to keep his official passport to travel abroad while conducting business as a member []

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Why Doesn’t a ‘Headlight Out’ Warning Exist; When Will Gas Stations Go Extinct?; EV Tire Wear [Video]

For all the warnings on today’s modern vehicles, why don’t cars have an alert that a headlight or taillight is out? In the new 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander with a Max powertrain, is there risk of the hybrid battery depleting when carrying a large payload? And if it seems like your EV tires wear much faster than you’d expect, you’re not alone. We give expert insight into these questions, as well as the availability of active head restraints, a replacement vehicle for an Audi A3 convertible, and if the days of the local gas station are numbered.How CR Tests Headlights: Toyota Grand Highlander Early Review: to Replace Your Tires: A3 Road Test Results: vs. Gasoline – Which is Right for Your Life: and test results on every car CR purchases and tests: to Talking Cars on YouTube: a question for our experts? Leave a comment on this episode, or reach out to us directly! Send us a text at to send a photo, video, or text directly to the Talking Cars team!:47 – are gas stations in danger of disappearing?6:20 – why do EV tires seem to wear out so fast?12:34 – why is there no head light/tail light out warning?17:50 – are active head restraints still available on new cars?21:07 – what’s a good replacement for a 2015 Audi A3 convertible?28:00 – what happens if you drain the hybrid battery on a Toyota Grand Highlander Max while towing a heavy load uphill?Follow Us on Social:TikTok: