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Mind-blowing Architecture Inside Louvre Museum! | Abu Dhabi Vlog Ep. 2 [Video]

Mind-blowing Architecture Inside Louvre Museum! | Abu Dhabi Vlog Ep. 2

Welcome to the second part of the Abu Dhabi Travel Vlog. These are my recommendations for the Best Way to Explore Abu Dhabi and the Mind-blowing Architecture Inside Louvre Museum!

This is Episode 2 of our Brown Boy Travels Abu Dhabi Vlog 2022, where I will show you a quick tour inside the gorgeous Rosewood Abu Dhabi Hotel. Inside the hotel, you will experience the best accommodation that you have ever wished for!
And did I also mention that they also have the best tasty Foods in Rosewood Hotel? It is worth a try!

A Day Tour in Abu Dhabi would not be perfect without ending it with a bang by experiencing the Louvre Kayaking in Golden Hour where you will witness the best view of the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum’s Dome!

Make sure you watch the whole video so you won’t miss the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum time-lapse and the amazing Abu Dhabi Night View!

Here’s the link to our First Episode:

00:00 Welcome
00:37 Introduction
01:05 Rosewood Hotel
03:28 Jubail Mangrove Park
05:24 Saadiyat Beach Club
06:50 Louvre Abu Dhabi
10:45 Kayaking Louvre Abu Dhabi
12:30 Abu Dhabi Nightview
13:10 Outro2

Welcome everyone to my YouTube Channel Brown Boy Travels!
I’m a male travel blogger and produce travel vlogs. Through this channel, I want to share with you all my travels and places I want to discover. Traveling is my passion and I want to include it as much as possible in my life. So every time I can, I’ll leave my busy life in London behind me and buy a plane ticket to places I always dreamt of visiting!
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A question I get asked frequently is: Where to Travel in 2022?
This will really depend on your own preferences but I invite you to take a look to a selection of my favorites:

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I also have made a selection of my favourite Spas and Food from around the globe in the playlists underneath. I hope you enjoy it!

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There will be no New York," the Russian Sarmat intercontinental missile is being discussed [Video]

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LIFE IN LAOS - Deleted Scenes + Renew Passport in Laos | Now in Lao [Video]

UNSEEN & DELETED CLIPS from daily life activities living as a foreigner in Laos. Plus I give instructions how and where to go in Laos to renew your Australian passport...LIFE IN LAOS - Deleted Scenes + Renew Passport in Laos | Now in LaoEveryday life in Laos, we live in Vientiane, Now in Lao with Lao wife, Neenee Lao life living in Laos capturing the Lao lifestyle, daily life in Lao, where to go in Laos, travel destinations, Laos tourism, customs, Lao development and how people live in Laos in their travel Laos videos and travel vlogs. Now to Lao, Vlogging Laos S.E.Asia !!Now in Lao travel vlog#Laos​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #NowinLao​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #LaosVlogEnjoy our videos and would like to help support the work we do?Patreon: me: Address:Kongmany Mahavong / Todd HalesBan Nongbouathong NeuaStreet No 10, Unit 45, Sikhottabong DistrictVientiane Capital Lao P.D.R.P.O.Box 3630Contact me on Facebook: to Neenee's channel: Restaurant on Facebook: to our Restaurant "BanSuan Restaurant" was (Buffet Laos Seafood) Sabaidee and welcome to my channel....Now in Lao!!My name is Todd and i am an Australian currently living in Laos with my wife, Neenee.This is a channel primarily dedicated to Laos and the people who live here, our daily lives and our travels within this amazing country. Thank you for watching and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask, by either commenting or contacting me via Facebook. Now in Lao .... Vlogging Laos !!Music:

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Most Beautiful Places In The World💙 Travel Destinations🌏 Adventure Bucket List #travel #adventure 30 [Video]

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