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Lesbian Couple Travel Tulum I LGBTQ [Video]

Lesbian Couple Travel Tulum I LGBTQ

We’ve been traveling Mexico for 2 months now and we can’t believe how fast time has flown! We recently traveled Tulum and here are our tips for traveling Tulum.

Tips for traveling Tulum:
Always have cash on you since some places don’t accept cards! It’s better to change your money before you leave!! The exchange rate is better in the USA than in Mexico!
To save money on food, we recommend eating in small restaurants!
If you want to get around, definitely rent a car!! We didn’t and we spent around $60 a day on just taxis!

Here are things to do in Tulum:
Visit cenotes in the region! Cenotes are found in Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. These natural sinkholes have beautiful waters and rock and cave formations!
Here’s a list of some of the cenotes you can visit (keep in mind some of them are quite a drive)
-Gran Cenote
-Dos Ojos Cenote
-Casa Cenote
-Cenote Taak Bi-Ha
-Cenote Choo Ha
-Suytun Cenote
-Cenote Azul

Where should you stay in Tulum?
Tulum has so many beautiful hotels and airbnbs! We stayed at Los Amigos Tulum and we loved our stay but the location is far from the beach and the city.

Is Tulum safe for LGBTQ couples?
As a lesbian couple traveling around Tulum, we felt generally safe. Keep in mind we did not kiss in public in the city! Although we did kiss at the beach without any issues. Mexico is a very LGBTQ friendly destination in certain cities like Puerto Vallarta and Playa Del Carmen.

If you’re new here, we are Naudia (American) and Serena (Italian) a lesbian couple traveling the world. We post about our lives and our travels. Being an LGBTQ travel couple isn’t always easy, but we hope to inspire other LGBTQ couples to travel through our videos. Check out our website

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