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Embeera Mbi _Stella Bimusobedde Afa Obulumi [Video]

SB4 MEDIA_________Its a channel that brings you dairy Video interviews presented & Produced by Sb4 Selector.By the special grace of God, “we are working hard to help people in need by the use of internet & Social Media networking sites.SB4 Media is a non-profit organization, or either political party tool and never a government group.Tuggussa EnssongaObservers have noted a wide range of positive and negative impacts of social media use, but SB4 Media haveExplored the world changing the lives of People without racing in tribes and color.SB4 MEDIA IS UP TO SPEEDNews Travel Faster.We allow the creativity We Promote TalentsWe share informationWe share ideasCAREERS OF SB4 MEDIAWe Collect, prepare and distribute real News and Stories through high quality prints on electronic media as Videos, Pictures, Voices, Blogs dealing with current affairs.SB4 MEDIA CONTENTSo, with so much time spent watching YouTube, on a wide variety of devices you can’t imagine how important our Videos are! We hold a camera to change lives in Time 🎥Touching & TeachingInspiring & MotivatingDeveloping & HelpingUpdating & Informing 🎬Celebrities & ShowsFunny & Gossip.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK SB4 MEDIA Tuggussa Enssonga SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE☎️📞+256 700 897395subscribe like comment and share for more