How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

Best Practices for Sustained Peer-to-Peer Performance – Episode 2 [Video]

Keeping your Peer-to-Peer campaign momentum going is our focus in this video, as we unpack Part 2 of our Top 3 Peer-to-Peer Best Practices. From maximizing the impact of your supporters’ social platform strengths to the monitoring pro tips and analytics best practices, these insights will fuel your Peer-to-Peer fundraising fire till the end of the campaign, every time. Using our Best Practices will ensure you reach maximum benefit from every Peer-to-Peer campaign you run, including donor acquisition and retention through increased engagement and amplified awareness of your cause through your supporters’ networks, and so much more. Donorbox’s Peer-to-Peer feature is easy to activate, simple to use, and highly customizable for nonprofits and their fundraisers. Make sure to subscribe and hit the notifications bell so you don’t miss the next and the last video in our Top P2P Best Practices series. Video chapters: Intro – 0:00 0:27 – Choose the …
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