Grant Writing for Non-Profits

10 Tips for Starting a Nonprofit [Video]

I’ve done a bunch of videos on starting a nonprofit but sometimes you need the tips all in one place. This video walks through tips for starting a nonprofit, including the planning and development that needs to happen before you start your non profit. If you need a nonprofit 101, this is one of the videos to watch first, which includes advice about what to do and what NOT to do. Below is the breakdown of the 10 nonprofit tips: 00:00 Introduction 01:13 Be strategic about your board 3:51 Do needs assessment first 05:50 Do your research 07:47 Create a conversation and community around your issue 10:25 Don’t hire a grant writer 13:11 Look for local funding 14:17 Be very clear on your why 15:30 Have a digital presence 18:37 Have a presence in your local community 19:50 – Watch and see! Grab my board recruitment toolbox for help identifying …
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