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Where’s That Place For Me? [Video]

Where’s That Place For Me?

Welcome to another episode of The EntrepreNUBIANS Podcast! Joining us today is Shawna K. Perez-Clark, Founder of Shawna’s House, a non-profit organization that offers teen mentoring programs for teen males/females ages 13-18 and teen parents males/females ages 12-21. Shawna talks about Shawna’s House, how it started, the topics covered in the program, and their nomination for the business Grammy of Philadelphia. Tiffany also shares her experience in doing non-profit. Tune in to learn more on this and other exciting topics!

[01:01] About Shawna’s House and the nonprofit organization
[04:40] The teen chat room
[05:33] Topics covered in the Shawna’s House program
[08:21] Shawna’s House nomination for the business Grammy of Philadelphia
[10:14] The reason Tiffany stopped doing nonprofit

Notable Quotes

“If you want something to be done in a certain way, do it yourself.”
“You need to have the knowledge and be educated about finance to know how to move forward as a positive adult.”
“The man focus for the Shawna’s House is to lay down a foundation so that the youths can have generational wealth.”
“You have to raise your children right from a young age. If you don’t teach them and guide them when they are born, it will be a struggle.”
“You don’t have to be the product of the environment. You can step out of that with support and guidance.”

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