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Video Marketing for Nonprofits: Using Video Content to Drive Donations [Video]

Nonprofit marketing is a real challenge.

Teams have to find the balance between investing in organizational growth and funneling funds to the causes themselves. If you’re a nonprofit marketer that’s trying to navigate content marketing, you’re not alone. 42% of nonprofits find it challenging to produce engaging content.

Even if you narrow your focus to video marketing alone, the possibilities can seem endless and daunting.

In this post, we’ll cover how to use video marketing to drive donations.

Before getting into the “how” of nonprofit video marketing, we need to lay down the foundation — “why” you should be using it. Social media is a powerful tool for nonprofit marketing, and video is a great format, but without understanding its benefits, we can’t strategize. Here’s why you should “show” instead of “tell” to inspire involvement.

Why Use Video Marketing for Your Nonprofit

Donors trust video

A survey found 95% of donorsconsider content created by nonprofits as trustworthy. Relationships fuel nonprofits, and establishing a solid …

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