Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Toolkit for Nonprofits to Get Social Media Influencers and Ambassadors [Video]

Finding social media ambassadors and influencers for your nonprofit might feel like an unattainable goal. I mean, who really knows Kim Kardashian or Beyonce? But influencers and ambassadors do not have to equal super elite celebrities. In fact, influencers could include a work-from-home mom that has a YouTube channel about baking for toddlers or a really good friend that is a part of a networking group. ——————————————————— ✨💌 Visit for the Hub Haven Grant Writing Resources 💌✨ 👉💰🖥️ Grant Writing Master Course: Get sample grants, logic models, videos, and more. Start to write winning grants! 🖥️🔥 👉 Want to get paid to write grants? Join the Freelance Grant Writer Master Course to launch and grow a freelance grant writing business: 🤗☕👉 Want to increase funding strategies for your Nonprofit? Join the Nonprofit Strategic Planning Master Course to schedule out your year and to increase diverse funding strategies: …
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