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The Year That Changed Everything (One Year of Travel) [Video]

The Year That Changed Everything (One Year of Travel)

We have spent the last full year traveling around the world as a family. The year started with selling everything we own in order to pursue traveling full time living out of our self converted sprinter van and ended with us enjoying a day at Disney with our friends from Flying the Nest. Everything that has happened in the last full year of travel has completely reshaped our lives and we will never be the same.

After quitting our jobs and selling our home, we jumped straight into living out of our van. Van life as a family of four proved to be rather challenging, but we quickly got into the swing of things and made some precious memories during these first few months.
We made the difficult decision to leave van life for international travel and kicked off a two month trip around Mexico, including spending 1 month in Isla Mujeres. After Mexico, we headed to Turkey and spent nearly two months road tripping around most of Turkey. Next up, we spent the winter in Finland, then in Romania, before finally celebrating Christmas in Estonia. After this long cold winter, we decided to warm things up a bit by heading to Costa Rica for a month. And then as we were traveling back from Costa Rica we ended up meeting up with our friends at Disney.

This last year has been such a blur and we decided to honor this time period with a full recap of the last year of travel.

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Hi! We are Heather, Bradey, Alexa and Chloe.
We are raising our kids to face their fears, to step outside of their comfort zones and to try new things. Family travel is the best way we know how to do this.
We want to inspire others to travel with an open mind and to see that it is completely possible to travel and fly with kids! Traveling is one of the best things we have ever done to strengthen our family, and to open up our minds about how big this world is.
Thanks for following along!

0:00 One Year of Full-Time Travel
0:32 Quitting our Jobs to Travel Full-Time
1:04 Family of Four Living out of our Self Converted Sprinter Van
1:35 Van Life as a Family of Four
2:40 Why we quit Van Life and Sold our Van
3:03 Mexico: Our First International Trip of 2021
3:45 Road Trip around Mexico
4:55 Road Trip around Turkey
7:11 Winter in Finland
8:03 Christmas in Estonia
8:17 Road Trip around Romania
8:45 One month in Costa Rica
9:22 Meeting Friends in Disney World
9:35 What this year meant to us and what is next

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