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Alana Miller: Is Therapy Beneficial Even Without Current Problems? | Jason Hennessey Podcast [Video]

Alana Miller explains how she believes therapy is beneficial for everyone, even if you aren’t in crisis or having problems. She shares tips on how to find out what your insurance might cover.Jason Hennessey sits down with the lovely and compassionate Alana Miller. She’s a science and psychology nerd and a professional psychic who made her mark in the nonprofit management space. Alana’s also a strong advocate for diversity and shares all about the mission she is on to empower low income at risk youth and their families with the skills necessary to pursue higher education and create strong communities. In this deep and vulnerable episode, the two discuss the nuances of the foster care system, how to deconstruct the negative narrative in our minds, find our tribe, and embrace all parts of ourselves. Jason also taps into his spiritual side and receive his first ever tarot card reading. #Hollywood #Entertainment#Jason_Hennessey #Hollywood_Podcastđź”— Our Social Links -🔸 YouTube:🔸 Facebook:🔸 Website:🔸 Instagram:🔸 TikTok:🔸 Twitter: The VideoShare this video with your friendsSubscribe to the channel if you haven’t alreadyIn his first original podcast series, “The Jason Hennessey Podcast,” Jason will sit down with creators, innovators, technologists, artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists, athletes, and influencers to talk with these brilliant minds about their personal journey. Each episode will be specifically themed and will showcase guests and experts sharing their unique story, in a conversational manner, with Jason as lead host guiding the discussion and asking inciting questions. This show promises to uplift, entertain, and leave an engaged audience with a new found way of thinking and many memorable takeaways from our brilliant cast of diverse and authentic guests who make the show unique.