Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Alaska Airlines Foundation helps young people discover new skills in Hawaii and beyond [Video]

HIKI NŌ means “can do” in Hawaiian. “Hawaiians actually use it in conversation, and it’s a positive affirmation,” said Lori Kaya, grant writer for PBS Hawai‘i. “HIKI NŌ. I can do that.” The digital-media program supported by the Alaska Airlines Foundation pairs students and teachers with professional mentors from Hawai‘i’s media and film industries. Saige […]

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Improving Health and Wellness as a Teacher: Stev Stavs’ Expert Advice [Video]

Teachers, are you ready to level up your health and wellness game? Look no further! In this episode I sit down with the one and only Stev Stavs to dish out some serious self-care tips for all you hardworking teachers out there. We cover the top 5 aspects of health that every teacher should know about, and trust me, these tips are not your average "eat your greens" advice. Stev's got some real gems to share, from the power of movement to the benefits of proper nutrition and many non-intuitive aspects of health. So, grab a notebook and pen (or just take mental notes, we won't judge), and get ready to take your health to the next level. Trust me, your learners will thank you. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more episodes, and let's get healthy together! Steve Stavs brings a dynamic energy with him as a born motivator who comes alive when he steps into spaces where he can share the wealth of knowledge and information he embodies from over 24 years in the industry of health optimisation. He has spoken to a wide variety of audiences in 8 countries from hosting Corporate Wellness sessions, to lecturing over 10000 medical professionals worldwide. Steve has also been featured on national radio and in numerous local and international health media platforms. Made To Thrive is a community that inspires others to take action to live a life of thriving through knowledge that empowers and uplifts. This is accomplished through the podcast, The Made To Thrive Show, as well as personal and corporate health optimisation, and keynote speaking.