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Alabama Families With Trans Kids Are Fundraising to Flee Anti-Trans Law [Video]

Anti-trans legislation in Alabama, which goes into effect May 8, bans doctors from providing gender-affirming healthcare to trans kids.

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Des Moines Symphony Academy: Sound of the City Campaign [Video]

Trilix and the Des Moines Symphony Academy teamed up for a fundraising campaign: The Sound of the City. The short documentary focused on the experiences of the children and the long-standing impact the academy has on young musiciansVisit our website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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Year End Brand Review Prepare Your Nonprofit for 2022 [Video]

Your branding may be the first way someone interacts with your organization—but when is the last time you checked in with your brand? This session will show you why it’s important to conduct an annual brand audit and walk you through the steps for reviewing and evaluating your brand’s performance to assure success in the new year. Worksheet and resources will be provided. Presenter: Lidia Varesco Racoma of Lidia Varesco Design in Chicago empowers organizations to make a change through strategic branding and marketing design. She is a blogger and speaker and leads branding and creative marketing workshops for nonprofits, associations and small businesses around the world. Lidia Varesco Design celebrated 20 years in business in November 2020.For more information, visit

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Indiegogo Requirements [Video]

Fulfill Orders on Autopilot ► Killer Crowdfunding Tips ► FREE Kickstarter Course ► What are the requirements for launching an Indiegogo campaign? I cover this and more on today's video. Killer resources below 👇👇👇 One-on-One Coaching ► Kickstarter Launch Formula (Audible) ► FREE Crowdfunding Masterclass ► FREE Crowdfunding Course ► Contact ► ★★★★ Sponsor ★★★★ Get help with fulfillment and shipping ► FREE Kickstarter Shipping & Fulfillment Checklist ► ★★★★ Join the Community ★★★★ Kickstarter Forum: FB Group: Crowdfunding Demystified Podcast: Crowdfunding Tips Newsletter ► ★★★★ Connect with Salvador Briggman ★★★★ Book a Coaching Call ► Instagram: Personal Instagram: Twitter: ★★★★ Courses and Training ★★★★ FREE Crowdfunding Course: FREE Real Estate Crowdfunding Course: FREE Equity Crowdfunding Course: FREE GoFundMe Course: FREE Podcasting Course: FREE Blogging Course – Start a Blog: Kickstarter Launch Formula – Course for Beginners: ★★★★ Audio Books ★★★★ Kickstarter Launch Formula: Nonprofit Crowdfunding Explained: Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained: Equity Crowdfunding Explained: Crowdfunding Personal Expenses: Blogging For Beginners: Podcasting For Beginners: ★★★★ Books and Guides ★★★★ Kickstarter Launch Formula: Nonprofit Crowdfunding Explained: Nonprofit Fundraising Hacks: Real Estate Crowdfunding Explained: Equity Crowdfunding Explained: Crowdfunding Personal Expenses: Music Artist’s Guide to Crowdfunding Domination: Blogging For Beginners: Podcasting For Beginners: Digital Nomad Blueprint: Perfect Podcasting Voice: Little Thumb of America: Finding My Birth Mother in El Salvador: ★★★★ Timestamps ★★★★ 0:00 – Introduction 1:02 – Indiegogo Requirement #1 2:06 – Indiegogo Requirement #2 2:42 – Indiegogo Requirement #3 3:45 – Indiegogo Requirement #4 4:19 – Indiegogo Requirement #5 5:17 – Indiegogo Requirement #6 6:10 -Indiegogo Requirement #7 7:30 – Indiegogo Requirement #8 8:53 – Indiegogo Requirement #9 9:55 – Indiegogo Requirement #10 Salvador “TK” Briggman This post contains affiliate links. #indiegogo #crowdfunding #salvadorbriggman