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Man threatens as Jesus is preached at the Scarborough Passport Office | Toronto 🇨🇦 Canada [Video]

I wasn’t planning on it, but I was led to go to preach at Scarborough Town Center today. Somewhere where I have preached regularly in the past. When I arrived I saw that there was a long lineup waiting at the passport office nearby. Many received, a few got upset… One woman asked about getting baptized, and a curious young man was prayed for. It was a blessed and fruitful time. Praise God.________________________________________________________________If you would like to help me continue in this work by giving a gift of financial support, you can do so through:PayPal: (formerly TransferWise):cimpera@hotmail.comINTERAC e-Transfer:cimpera@hotmail.comI am not registered as a non-profit or a charitable organization.Thank you, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.