Fundraising for Churches

Easter Message from Capetown South Africa [Video]

Reverend Brian Richards raising money for the victims of Floods and Earthquakes in Philippines and South East China sea.”Word of Faith Ministries International”is a registered Charity doing an evangelist ministry that visits Philippines as much as each year at least one or two possible times, to preach salvation, healing and deliverance. These videos go freely to all on the mailing list with free e-book-downloads, and purchases of hard copy

Places To Donate

Man threatens as Jesus is preached at the Scarborough Passport Office | Toronto 🇨🇦 Canada [Video]

I wasn’t planning on it, but I was led to go to preach at Scarborough Town Center today. Somewhere where I have preached regularly in the past. When I arrived I saw that there was a long lineup waiting at the passport office nearby. Many received, a few got upset… One woman asked about getting baptized, and a curious young man was prayed for. It was a blessed and fruitful time. Praise God.________________________________________________________________If you would like to help me continue in this work by giving a gift of financial support, you can do so through:PayPal: (formerly TransferWise):cimpera@hotmail.comINTERAC e-Transfer:cimpera@hotmail.comI am not registered as a non-profit or a charitable organization.Thank you, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.