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Jo Duyvestyn | People Who Give Effectively [Video]

Member Jo Duyvestyn discusses how she learned about Giving What We Can, what motivates her to donate 10% of her income to effective charities, and how much she enjoys being part of a community of people who share her values.We are so pleased that we’ve been able to interview some of our members about their experiences with effective giving. Big thank you to Jo and our other community members who make Giving What We Can such a special organisation.CHAPTERS:00:00 – Jo introduces herself00:08 – How did you learn about Giving What We Can?00:27 – What motivated you to take the pledge?01:35 – How does it feel to give?02:09 – “It’s not as scary as you think!” (Jo’s advice for others)02:52 – Being part of a communityOUR RESOURCES:✍️ Take a giving pledge:💕 Giving recommendations:🤑. ‘How Rich Am I?’ calculator:🤓. Recommended books, videos, podcasts:🙋‍♂️ Get involved: OUR FRIEND:💌 Sign up to our monthly email newsletter –🌍 Our website / blog –📸 Instagram –🐦 Twitter –👍 Facebook –🤳 TikTok – #memberstory #givingpledge #giving #causes #worldproblems #causestosupport #charity #effectivealtruism #effectivegiving #helpingothers #doinggood #makeadifference #haveanimpact #highimpact #philanthropy #purpose #meaning #community #commitment