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Post-partum Depression Awareness Month #fundraising #awareness [Video]

Post-partum Depression Awareness Month #fundraising #awareness

I am creating awareness for an issue that has been silent in the Black Community for years and now is the time for change! Help me spread awareness and advocate for Black Women all across the world! Donate, Share this post, talk about it, whatever you can, bring awareness to Post-partum Depression and be sure to #ShareThisPost πŸ€—πŸ˜ŽπŸ€© I’m excited y’all!!!! This is my journey of life to bring awareness to an issue that I battle daily and I want to help others while I heal myself.



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Fundraising for nonprofit
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Fundraising for Non-profits

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Fundraising for Non-profits


Join the We've Had Enough Campaign in raising money for Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence: "I've Had Enough" by Melina KB: We’ve Had Enough Campaign strives to support survivors and unite as a community to raise awareness about sexual assault. In tandem with one year since the release of my single "I’ve Had Enough", we are fundraising for nonprofit organization Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence. It has meant more than anything to me to see my art shared as a means of amplifying the voices of others, and I encourage you to join us in supporting this cause. About Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence: β€œThe mission of the Coalition is to end domestic and sexual violence in the lives of Tennesseans and to change societal attitudes and institutions that promote and condone violence through public policy advocacy, education and activities that increase the capacity of programs and communities to address such violence.” Learn more about the history and initiatives of the charity here: ME ON SOCIALS & JOIN MY TEXTING GROUP for behind the scenes content & new music updates:Text me! Click here: or text +13392185065 Instagram/Tik Tok: melina.kbFacebook: melinakbofficialTwitter: melinakb24---------A BIG THANK YOU TO:JOSH JORDAN!!! - Music Video Direction / Filmography / ChoreographyTim Bongiovanni - "I've Had Enough" ProductionElizabeth Hull - "I've Had Enough" InstrumentationJenna Wilkinson - We've Had Enough Campaign Event Team & Bumble CoordinationSarah Cooksey - We've Had Enough Campaign Event TeamEmma McClellan - We've Had Enough Campaign Event Team & Program DesignAlex Lomartire - We've Had Enough Campaign Event TeamJamilah Muhammad - We’ve Had Enough Campaign Logo ArtMusic Video Actors:Lauren Tayon *DanceKendall Bryant *DanceOlivia Whitner *DanceDeven Ferrer *DanceCade MillerAnthony VaianaHailey YoungMegan WarrenMolly GraceChristina SikoraSophie IceJenna WilkinsonEleri HadawayEmma McClellanAlana MorganMarie Charlotte DemetriadesOlivia NieveraLydia CampShelby HarrisonMaria MillerTucker BruinsmaWe’ve Had Enough Campaign Showcase:Molly Grace - BandAJ Huang - BandConnor Fiehler - BandNate Mueller - BandIsaac Mauldin - BandSam Hatfield - BandMcKenna Hall - BandMary Clark Webb - BandMia Cervantes - Live Event PhotographyKatie Milligan - Poster DesignGrace Schwartz - Program DesignAbbey Bryant - Melina KB Logo Art