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No bunnies: Selinsgrove animal rescue advises against Easter pets [Video]

An animal rescue in central Pa. says bringing home a bunny or other small animal at Easter might not be a good idea.

SELINSGROVE, Pa. — Dozens of furry, feathered, and scaly friends call Ashburn’s Animals home. The animal rescue near Selinsgrove takes in dozens of animals and is preparing for an influx of bunnies.

“Families get them for Easter for their children, and then all of a sudden, we do get more phone calls asking to bring more animals in,” said Katie Walters, a volunteer at Ashburn’s Animals.

Walters says before Easter, people sell rabbits and chicks at roadside stands and markets.

“They can be sold for $5. A lot of them don’t even tell you the gender. You don’t know if they’re nasty. You don’t know their background or history or if there are any medical conditions.”

While it’s a nice thought to bring home someone like Thumper for Easter, …

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