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Mythical Family – Unsettled Board Game Studio Play Kickstarter from Orange Nebula [Video]

Mythical Family – Unsettled Board Game Studio Play Kickstarter from Orange Nebula

Mythical Family Studios play another fun board game brought to life by Kickstarter. Unsettled from Orange Nebula is a sci-fi survial game that pits the wits of a group of players against strange planets full of recources, threats, challenging environments, and (in this case) rampant innuendo! (LOL we’re adults… I swear!)

This game is beautiful to look at, even the horrific and alien assets, and has very well designed and balanced mechanics. Like many modern board games there is a learning curve, but it is not daunting. Game play pregresses smoothly and quickly after a couple rounds of learning and doing, and the cooperative play of the game really pits player cooperation and resource management against the environment that threatens them. We love this game, and will be playing other scenarios of it soon.

The game box and packaging are marvels of modern wizardry that allow this game to clean up and pack up astoundingly well. The modular design of this game allows for easy expansion and incredible replayability. This game gets 5-stars and an A+ from us!

This was originally streamed live on our Twitch channel where we stream other board games, tabletop role-playing games, community events, outings, and all sorts of nerdy hobbies!
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