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Mythical Family – The Prismatic Dragonfly Tavern Episode Zero [Video]

Mythical Family – The Prismatic Dragonfly Tavern Episode Zero

Welcome to The Prismatic Dragonfly Tavern! Refuge, sanctuary, port of call, and gathering place for all souls lost, wandering, or adventuring the homebrewed lands of Akorah!

This is Episode Zero of what is to be our weekly long term D&D 5e campaign that is scheduled to stream live on Twitch each Sunday at 7pm Pacific time.

Be introduced to the world of Akorah, and meet the group of unexpected heroes that find themselves thrust together in the face of world events. Before they can change the course of history, however, they must get to know each other and learn to work together.

Thank you so much for watching! Tell us what you want to see more of in the comments below.

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Balabyeki Jordan of "UGANDA" will be my guest tonight at 9pm 05/24 by Earlines PowerPoint 103-5 [Video]

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