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Mythical Family – Birthday Bash Live Stream at The Glass Die! [Video]

Mythical Family – Birthday Bash Live Stream at The Glass Die!

Happy Birthday to the heart and soul behind Mythical Family! We celebrate our favorite mermaid’s birthday at our favorite local gaming bar The Glass Die. We live-streamed for most of the afternoon in a Just Chatting stream where we chatted with viewers and each other, played a board game, gave a walk-through of the bar, enjoyed mead, and celebrated the birthday.

We did our first live raffle giveaways and explored the tech of on-location streaming so that we can bring you better, more polished content in the future from all sorts of events! But most of all we spent a great day together with the birthday girl having good times with some of our favorite people. It was a great day! We hope you enjoy our banter, laughs, and good times as you watch!

Thank you so much for watching! Tell us what you want to see more of in the comments below.

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Happy birthday, Sunflower! We all love you. 💕

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