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It’s Spring Cleaning for Nonprofit Marketing and Comms [Video]

Scrub your media list, brush off dusty contacts, laydown a ‘One Sheet’ and more. . . This episode will refresh your NPO marketing and communications efforts and give you a plan for when you may need it most! / . . .This is a recent episode of The Nonprofit Show –the Nation’s daily live streaming broadcast where the Nonprofit and Social Impact Community comes together. Each weekday the hosts and their guest experts cover current topics– from money to management to missions. Thanks to our generous nonprofit sector supporters you will find over 300 special learning episodes focused exclusively on nonprofits and social impact. Nonprofit Technology and Apps topics: Nonprofit Fundraising and Development topics: Nonprofit Marketing and Communications topics: Nonprofit Boards and Planning topics: Nonprofit Management and Staffing topics: Connect to The Nonprofit Show: Listen to us on your favorite podcast channel: The …
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