Grant Writing for Non-Profits

Grants for Faith-Based Organizations (Tutorial, Links) [Video]

This video shows you how private funders and government agencies provide 3 types of grants for faith-based organizations: (1) programs; (2) faith practice; and (3) ministries that are not a registered nonprofit. Links below for Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Islamic grant opportunities. ► Time Stamps: 00:00 Most of the world practices a faith 00:18 Grants for programs at faith-based organizations 01:06 Government grants for faith-based organizations 01:36 2 Restrictions in faith-based grants 02:04 Grants for faith practices 02:29 Grants for non-registered organizations ► Related Grant Chatter videos: Grants for Nonprofits Your Guide to Government Grants How to Apply for Grants without a 501c3 How to Write a Grant (Playlist) ► Links mentioned in video (NO affiliation. NO paid promotion): 2 list of religious grants: and Citation for # grantmaking foundations in the US: Nondenominational grants:; Methodist grants: Lutheran grants: …
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