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Favorite Novels of 2021 [CC] [Video]

Favorite Novels of 2021 [CC]

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–People Mentioned–
Mary Margaret @ M.M.’s Musings:
Margaret @TheWordN3rd
Kelly @Cozy Reader Kelly
Tadiana Night Owl:
Mariana @ Mariana Mas Books:

–Videos Mentioned–
2021 Favorite Nonfiction:
2021 Favorite Poetry, Plays, Graphic Novels, Picture Books:
2021 Most Surprising:

–Content Warnings–
North and South: Grief, poverty, suicide (off-page), description of animal torture and death, slur for Romani people, classism, alcoholism, discrimination
Root Magic: Grief, bullying, racism, police brutality, segregation, references to: slavery, animal sacrifice and animal cruelty, loss of child
Nine Coaches Waiting: Ableism, suicide, grief, child neglect and endangerment, attempted murder
Sisters of the Neversea: Grief, racism, slurs against Native people, hunting, animal death, references to transphobia
Soul Lanterns: Grief, war, bombing, cancer, animal death, loss of child, suicide, serious injuries
Song of the Crimson Flower: Grief, illness, brief medical gore, drug use and references to addiction, anxiety/panic attacks
King and the Dragonflies: Grief, homophobia, racism, child abuse (off-page)
The Mirror Season: Sexual assault, PTSD, homophobia, racism
The Theft of Sunlight: Grief, kidnapping, human trafficking, blood, ableism, violence, slavery, imprisonment
Ophie’s Ghosts: Racism, racial slurs, grief, murder, slavery
A Christmas Carol: Grief, poverty, starvation/hunger, loss of child
Burning Bright: Emotional abuse, colonialism, sexism, sexual harassment/assault (forced kiss), grief
A Dragonbird in the Fern: Grief, murder, violence, ableism
Little Thieves: Grief, PTSD, attempted sexual assault, abuse, forced dieting
Half a Soul: Grief, workhouses, poverty, illness, emotional abuse, child labor
Ten Thousand Stitches: References to abuse
Amber & Clay: Grief, slavery, child abuse, execution, misogyny, loss of child, animal sacrifice, infertility, references to animal abuse

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