How to Raise Funds for Non-profit

5 Tips for Creating Your Nonprofit’s First Budget [Video]

Create your nonprofit’s first budget. A budget is a must-have tool if you want to raise money for your nonprofit. The problem is, most new nonprofit founders don’t know where to start or what should go in their budgets. First off, there is no perfect model. Your budget needs to match YOUR priorities, not other organization’s. So here are 5 pointers to consider when creating your first official budget: 00:00 Introduction 03:17 Start with your goals 05:05 Use the same set of budget categories 06:54 Use the budget categories line by line to get true costs 09:21 Start with staffing 10:50 Budget by month Here is the budgeting masterclass I mentioned in the video. It includes 2 templates you can use to create your own budget. Make sure you take lots of notes. This is one you’ll need to watch over and over again and you can work alongside the …
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