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✁ ASMR Fastest Haircut of Your Life Will Help You Relax & Tingle ✃ [Video]

✁ ASMR Fastest Haircut of Your Life Will Help You Relax & Tingle ✃

I’m the fastest hairdresser in town, come in and sit down, I’ll get right to the point! Side effects: intense tingles, relaxation and sleep. 😁
0:00 preview
0:45 taking your info & measuring your hair
2:09 spraying your hair & combing it
3:40 cutting your hair with different scissors & 2 scissors at a time
5:37 more combing & more cutting
10:45 more measuring and then styling your hair

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Balabyeki Jordan of "UGANDA" will be my guest tonight at 9pm 05/24 by Earlines PowerPoint 103-5 [Video]

Ok guys, heads up, this is an ALERT!! Tonight will be special to me, tonight you will be hearing a heroic, but inspiring story of a man who took on the responsibility to care for a house of many orphans.. Children who have lost their parents, but found love and hope in "Balabyeki Jordan" open arms and warm heart!! This family can use your help with donations as it will impact a positive atmosphere for them all to be nurtured in.. Balabyeki says... "There are a large number of little children, some starving and have not had any food to eat in days"!! But with our generous donations, we can truly give these little angels hope and inspire them that, there are people out there who cares!! Join me tonight at 9pm and hear the story from the mouth of a man who has a great heart to nurture those babies!! 563 999-3618 is the call-in number to share your thoughts!! Thanks guys